Antiseptic cream

Himalaya (India)
20 gr.
Brief information:
A remedy for the treatment of cuts, scratches, wounds, burns and other skin lesions. Regenerates the skin. Powerful antiseptic


“Himalaya Antiseptic” is an effective antibacterial and antifungal agent, indispensable in the presence of various skin lesions.

Ayurvedic formula of antiseptic cream gives:
Antibacterial effect
Protection, moisturizing and regeneration of living tissues.
Anti-inflammatory effect.
Therefore, “Himalaya Antiseptic” does not overdry at all, but it removes itching, irritation and even pain.

Indications for use:
Prevention and treatment of wounds, burns, inflammations.
Fragility, rash.
Dermatitis and fungal infections.

Almond, known for its excellent astringent taste, promotes wound healing, softening, and regenerative action.
Aloe Vera heals by preventing the development of bacteria.
Манжишта brings in a cream antiallergic and bactericidal effect with antiseptic and astringent properties.
The oil extract of Alternanders is against inflammation and the microbe.
Zinc ash, which is used only externally for skin diseases, gives the drug an antibacterial drying and adsorbing effect. It, reducing the healing time of wounds, carries with it protective and noticeably softening properties.
Borate sodium, which has an excellent anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, is used to eliminate skin pigmentation, and in cases of its fungal diseases.

The application is simple:
The affected part is gently lubricated 2-3 r. per day with this antiseptic cream.


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