Brahma Rasayana brain tonic

Dabur (India)
250 gr.

Brief information:
Gem from herbs improves memory, attention, brings clarity in thoughts. One of the best means of improving hearing

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Promotes the enhancement of vital energy (ojas), memory, attention, clarity in thoughts, one of the best means of improving hearing!

Brahma Rasayan herb jam is made on the basis of the traditional recipe Ashtangi Hridaya Samhita and is endowed with a mild aroma of spices, herbs. The bouquet of jam is non-uniform, in it simultaneously it is possible to distinguish at once 6 tastes, and its consistence is similar to Chavanprash.

What does this melodic name mean? Brahma – this is the name of the creator, the higher consciousness, the higher intelligence. And Rasayana in Ayurveda is a tonic and rejuvenating drug. Hence the name of this useful herbal jam means “rejuvenating and toning the mind,” not only at the level of the human body, but also at the level of consciousness. Yoga regularly use this as a food while deepening in meditation, as well as for better practice – pranayama, asanas.

What helps the tool:
in improving memory and hearing;
in increasing intelligence;
in improving the work of the brain;
in strengthening the nervous system;
in the increase of stress resistance, in the removal of nervous strains;
in the purification of consciousness, in calming the mind and faster concentration;
in the renewal of cells, the regeneration of damaged tissues, in the extension of youth;
in reducing the risk of developing brain diseases.
In which cases is Brahma Rasayana shown:
chronic fatigue;
regular stress;
nervousness and irritability;
neurological and heart diseases;
sexual weakness;
rehabilitation of the consequences of craniocereberal trauma;
speech defects caused by mental causes;
increased mental stress.

acute forms of hysteria and psychosis,
manic-depressive status,
periods of feeding and pregnancy,
gastritis with high acidity.
After an evening meal – 1 tsp, washed with warm water or warm milk.
If necessary, the reception Brahma Rasayan can be two-time: in the mornings and evenings for 1 tsp. tonic.
Children under the age of 14 are given half of a single portion of an adult.


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