Careprost Plus

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Composition for Careprost Plus Eye Drop
Bimatoprost (0.3mg/ml), Timolol (5mg/ml)


Careprost Plus (Careprost Plus) is a revolutionary means for the growth of eyelashes, which stimulates the growth rate and the increase in the volume of eyelashes. Careprost Plus (Careprost Plus) is an improved formula of the Kareprost preparation for thickening and growth of eyelashes. Kareprost plus includes fatty acid, bimatoprost (0.03% solution) and timolol maleate – 0.5%, which stimulate the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. If you regularly apply the drug at night on the upper eyelids along the eyelash growth line with an applicator similar to a liquid eyeliner, the eyelashes become longer, thicker and darker. It is especially pleasant to note that this tool helps ABSOLUTELY to all people who use it. Cases, when Kareprost plus did not work, not yet noted. The drug in the form of drops not only lengthens the eyelashes, but makes them voluminous and dark! Kareprost plus (Careprost Plus) is applied along the line of eyelash growth, so bimatoprost penetrates into the hair bulbs of the cilia, stimulating their blood supply, which positively affects the growth of eyelashes. An important and no less pleasant feature of the Kareprost Plus (Careprost Plus) is its absolutely non-greasy consistency, leaving no traces. Clinical studies have shown that Carepist Plus (Careprost Plus) can be used regularly, since it has no contraindications. To date, Careprost Plus (Careprost Plus) is used not only as a means to strengthen and grow eyelashes, but numerous reviews about Carepst Plus (Careprost Plus) indicate that the drug also effectively affects the growth of the eyebrows. This is confirmed by the numerous “volunteers” among users of the drug who, contrary to the instructions, experimented with the increase in eyebrows and, in most cases, witnessed a positive result.


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