Face mask for Khadi

Khadi (India)
50 gr.

Brief information:
Actively struggles with the main signs of aging, restores elastic skin relief and smoothes wrinkles

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The main properties of the face mask for Khadi are regeneration and healing.

She actively struggles with the main signs of aging;
Protects from the effects of the environment;
It is a remarkable antiseptic;
Removes itching and redness;
Struggles with acne and inflammation;
Restores elasticity and smooths wrinkles.

Application mask for face Khadi:
Dissolve one teaspoon of powder with pink or mineral water without gas and, breaking the lumps, mix a mixture of pasty consistency.
Apply the mixture evenly to the face and neck, except for the area around the eyes and lips.
Gently massage the skin for a couple of minutes and leave until completely dry.
Wash off with warm water, while you can use a special sponge.

Regular use of the Indian natural mask Khadi helps to achieve the maximum effect – radiant, healthy skin.

extract of rose.


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