Hair conditioner for hair Silk n Shine

Marico (India)
Brief information:
Restores elasticity, elasticity and health of hair, especially their tips. Protects from heat when laying.


Has an effective effect on damaged, weakened hair, especially on the tips, restoring the lost elasticity and elasticity due to the constituent fruit vitamins and beneficial microelements.
Indispensable, as a natural thermal protection for styling.
When using the product, the strands become shiny, healthy, strong.

This is a reliable protection against brittleness and the formation of split ends.

Mode of application:
After washing your head, apply oil to still damp strands, lightly massaging them so that the product is evenly distributed. It does not require flushing and does not create a dirty head effect.
Since the air conditioner greatly facilitates combing, after applying it, you can gently “walk” the comb with wide teeth for a more even distribution of the mixture.
Do not rinse! The required amount depends on the length of your curls.


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