Hair loss remedy Scalp Therapie

Parachute (India)
190 ml

Brief information:
Effective against hair loss. Restores and strengthens damaged hair follicles. The volume of 190 ml.

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Hair loss remedy Scalp Therapie from Parachute – an effective oil biolange – is indispensable for everyone who watches falling out. He will repair damaged follicles, strengthening them, turning them into healthy ones.

The most common cause of increased loss is the painful condition of the scalp due to a variety of factors – an aggressive environment, stresses and a too restless way of life, overdried air, the gradual accumulation of residues of harmful substances from constantly used styling products, etc. Gradually, the curls that lose their vitality, look worse and less often.
“Scalp Therapy” from the most famous Indian manufacturer “Parachute” will sate the hair and their roots with the necessary nutrients.
The oil biolange consists of:
Coconut oil is an effective food;
Protein mixture, replenishing the lost proteins;
A herbal cocktail consisting of hibiscus, aml, bromine, strengthening follicles, activating the renewal of cells, giving strands a volume and splendor, preventing the appearance of premature graying;
Mineral assortment, which includes copper and zinc, eliminating mineral deficiency;
Vitamin cocktail (vit. B and E), which nourishes and stimulates blood circulation.
Scalp Therapie:
In the palm is poured 5 ml of the product, which is rubbed into the hair, and also into the skin, by soft massage for at least 5 minutes.
The oil is left, not flushing, for 1-8 hours.
At the end of the procedure, the head is washed with warm water with a mild Ayurvedic soap / shampoo.


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