Hot Coconut Oil for Hair

Parachute (India)

Brief information:
Heals and strengthens your hair. With the help of reheating – saturates the nutrients from the inside, penetrating as deep as possible into the structure of the hair.


Thanks to natural auxiliary ingredients, such as thyme, patchouli, black pepper and rosemary – hot coconut oil warms up with weak friction, which at times increases its penetrating ability. This “burning thing” saturates the nutrients of the cuticle, acting as deep as possible into their structure.

The result of hot coconut oil exceeds all expectations:
Hair is much faster cured and strengthened;
They magically become soft, smooth, shiny and more malleable to styling;
Moreover, massage with this remedy is invaluable for the scalp, revitalizing and additionally feeding it.

Mode of application:
When stored below + 25 ° C, hot pressed coconut oil thickens, so it must be heated in a water bath or simply kept in a warm place;
Then pour a small amount of the product on your palm and rub it lightly until you feel the outgoing heat;
Grate the heated mixture in the scalp, performing a neat massage, and distribute it along the entire length of the strands. The aging time is not less than half an hour, after which it should be washed off with a mild shampoo .


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