Kesh King hair oil

Kesh King (India)
120 ml
Brief information:
Significantly accelerates the growth of hair, reducing loss. It restores the thickness of the hair, eliminating the cross section. Heals the scalp.


Ayurvedic oil Kesh King operates in several directions:
Reduces fallout and significantly accelerates growth;
Restores the thickness and density of the hair shaft, eliminating the cross section;
Has a curative effect on the scalp.

Natural herbal product from an Indian producer made up of natural ingredients.

In Kesh King are plant extracts and oils:
Brahmi is one of the most valuable plants of ancient Indian Ayurveda, which has strong soothing, antidepressant and tonic properties. Improving blood circulation, this component has a beneficial effect on the skin and follicles.
Tinospor heart-shaped is able to activate the brain and help with insomnia. Infusion of this herb helps with headaches and circulatory disorders.
Bermuda grass Durva strengthens bulbs, increasing their number, works as an antiseptic and simultaneously softens.
Indigofera has a curative effect in various skin diseases and inflammations, relieves irritation and itching, giving excellent antiseptic protection. On this positive characteristics of the plant do not end. Indigofera awakens dormant follicles, actively feeding them and making stronger. Prevents tangles, making it easier to comb, wraps the strands with a thin protective film, protecting from harmful natural factors, adds extra volume.
Bringaraj is an effective remedy for loss. It is characterized by anti-inflammatory and cooling effect, saturates with useful substances, renewing and protecting from the environment. Also adds silk shine and healthy elasticity to the curls.
The amla extract gives the core elasticity and thickness, thereby eliminating the problem of cross-section of tips. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, so it can normalize the secretion of fat, prevent permanent discomfort.
Jasmine is known for its antiseptic, cooling, tonic and soothing properties, which favorably affects the skin in need of treatment. It saturates with moisture, restoring and strengthening the structure from the inside, makes the strands soft and obedient.
Coconut oil is a divine elixir for the head. It not only deeply nourishes and moisturizes, excellently removes irritations of too sensitive year, but also takes care of healthy growth. Penetrating into the very core, brings back to life even the most thin and damaged hair, turning them into strong and thick, protecting in the future the thinnest microfilm from the negative influences of the environment.
Coconut milk has long been known for its valuable qualities and rich in vitamin and mineral composition. Due to the fatty acids entering into it, it has antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial actions, which rightfully gives it the name of curative.

Mode of application:
Apply a sufficient amount of the product to the roots and massage with rubbing in a few minutes. It is more effective to use it at night, and in the morning to wash off with shampoo.
Apply the course for 2 months, then take a break. If necessary, repeat the cycle or use regularly at regular intervals.


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