Kera XL

IPCA (India)
60 ml
Brief information:
It stops hair loss within a few weeks, and after a month of constant use gives a noticeable increase.


The product strengthens bulbs, forcing them to grow faster. And, cares not only about the health of the roots, but also about the entire length of the curls, giving them vitality and brilliance.

Effect of serum Kera XL:
It strengthens and protects the hair shaft;
Activates protein synthesis, which is responsible for fixing the follicles;
Reduces micro inflammation, which leads to damage and loss of the braces;
Heals damaged cuticles and helps to increase the density and length;
With a regular maintenance of the effect achieved, it protects against loss by 100%;
Accelerates growth by an average of 2 – 3 times.

How to use Kera XL:
Squeeze the required amount into the palm and gently rub it into the scalp with your fingertips, making a light massage.
The agent is used daily at night, and in the morning or during the day you need to wash your head.
Intensive treatment course 30 – 45 days, that is a whole bottle. Then, to maintain the result, it is enough to use it 2 times a week.
Repeat intensive treatment if necessary, but recommended every six months.


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