Shampoo for hair growth Trichup

Vasu (India)
200 ml
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Brief information:
Returns the hair lost elasticity, fills the hair porosity, restoring the structure


Herbal shampoo Trichup (Trichup) is aimed at restoring and improving the condition of the hair.
Strengthening the hair follicles, stops the existing loss and in time carries out the prevention of loss;
Fills the porosity of the cuticle, restoring the structure and smoothing the scales;
Returns the locks to the lost elasticity, because the locks become strong and obedient;
Carefully applies to the scalp, taking care and moisturizing it;
Natural components nourish, soften and provide protection from external factors.
This cosmetic product perfectly proved itself in tandem with the use of Trichup oil , strengthening the therapeutic effect and accelerating the approach of the first positive results.

Application of shampoo for hair Trichup:
Foam the necessary amount of the product, massage, evenly distribute, rinse the residue with water.


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