Shampoo Kesh King against dandruff and hair loss

Kesh King (India)
120 ml

Brief information:
Heals from dandruff and hair loss. Natural – based on the Karanja tree and lemon.

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Ayurvedic herbal shampoo Kesh King (Kesh King) against dandruff and hair loss – a little helper in serious problems. After all, due to the basic natural components – the Karanja tree and lemon, it has cleansing softness and at the same time – healing power, being a godsend for any type of hair:

He cures dandruff and reduces loss, strengthening bulbs;
Promotes the birth of new follicles;
Cares for the structure of the ringlets – charges them with health from the very base and to the tips, nourishing with useful substances and smoothing the cuticle;
Favorably affects the scalp, eliminates excess fat and makes it safe to forget about the white flakes on the shoulders;
Thanks to its absorbent properties, it allows the cells to breathe freely in the proper mode, so it is great for treating fatty hair.

Application of shampoo Kesh King:
On wet wrung strands, apply shampoo and easily massage the roots with your fingers for several minutes.
Then gently wash with foam all length and carefully rinse under a stream of warm water.


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