Shampoo Kesh King against hair loss

Kesh King (India)
120 ml

Brief information:
Excellent helps with hair loss and dandruff. Aloe vera restores the natural moisture of hair, making them strong and maximally hardy. For all types.


Shampoo Kesh King is ideal for frequent and even daily use. Thanks to a simple composition formula, it covers all types of hair at once and is universal for both women and men.

What are the extraordinary properties of Kesh King shampoo:
First of all, it restores the natural moisture, and then maintains it at the desired level;
Aloe vera transmits a curative power to the hair. Therefore, they become sturdy and maximally resistant to constant irritants in the form of thermo-devices, stains, sun and wind;
With regular use increases the natural protective functions;
It is able to prevent the appearance of dandruff and easily cope with already appeared white flakes;
Protects the skin from fungal infections.

The formula Kesh King includes unique soap nuts – natural plant fruits. This natural foaming agent has smart detergent characteristics and easily dissolves in water. Soap nuts are useful for washing, because:
Do not cause irritation;
Do not lead to itching, redness and scaling on the head;
Dissolve the fat, ideally washing, but not destroying the structure of the hair;
They have bactericidal properties.

How to use Kesh King:
Depending on the length, take a sufficient amount of shampoo and apply to damp hair.
Blur should be not hurrying, paying special attention to the scalp.
To achieve the greatest therapeutic effect, it should be left for a few minutes, then rinse abundantly with water.


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