Shower gel Sandalwood and honey

Khadi (India)
210 ml

Brief information:
Delicate and absolutely natural shower gel with honey, almond milk and sandalwood oil


“Sandalwood and honey” – this is truly royal care for the body.

A gentle and absolutely natural shower gel, in which the most useful herbal ingredients – will make your skin forget about dryness, intensively nourishing, moisturizing and protecting it. Its natural foaming base promotes a gentle, but effective cleansing from dead cells and dirt. Pleasant sensations of freshness and cleanliness he exactly guarantees to all who decided to buy it.

A light and original woody-special flavor can be enjoyed by both men and women of the beautiful half of humanity. Plus to cleanliness you will get a pleasant session of aromatherapy, which with ease will help to remove the familiar sensations of stress, fatigue, tension and harmonize all life processes in the body.

Properties of shower gel Sandalwood and honey:
This truly curative remedy is made on the basis of natural extracts and essential oils, effectively hindering the aging process;
Restores the firmness and tone of the skin, strengthening it. Pulls the silhouette lines;
It can be used in complex therapy in the fight against cellulite and excess weight.

Honey, almond oil, avocado and sandalwood, saffron, rose, aloe vera, azadirahta indian, glycerin.

Apply on moistened skin, foaming and massage the body, at the end – rinse with water.


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