Tooth powder Red

Dabur (India)
60 gr.

Brief information:
Has a therapeutic and whitening effect, strengthens the gums. Protects and cleans tooth enamel from plaque, provides long-term protection of the oral cavity. Freshens breath.


The therapeutic tooth powder Red Dabur acts on the oral cavity in several directions:

Relieves from plaque;
Confidently provides long-term protection of the oral cavity;
For a long time the breath is refreshing;
Strengthens gums;
Protects tooth enamel;
Heals bleeding and irritated areas of the gums;
In the presence of pain – removes it.

The key useful properties of Red Dabur powder are:
Protects enamel from destruction, protecting against acidic influence;
Has anti-inflammatory effect on the gums;
Perfect for people with weakened gums.

Pre-brush your teeth;
Necessary amount of powder to put on the finger, massage teeth and gums for two to four minutes;
For an ideal healing effect, hold in your mouth without rinsing for another five minutes;
Rinse out mouth.

From extracts of herbs and medicinal bark of trees.
There are no limestone and carbonates in the composition.
With powder Red from Dabur – a healthy oral cavity and an ideal smile to you are provided!


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