Toothpaste Red Dabur

Dabur (India)
100 gr.

Brief information:
With Red paste you will forget about the unpleasant odor in the mornings, bleeding gums and dental plaque!


Developed on the basis of knowledge of Indian Ayurveda. Toothpaste Red Dabur will keep your teeth healthy and strong!
Cleans and whitens teeth, strengthening enamel;
Perfectly refreshes the oral cavity, protecting from an unpleasant smell for 15 hours;
Helps with teeth and gums diseases, promotes blood flow to the gums;
Prevention of periodontal disease and other diseases associated with the occurrence of infection.

Composition of toothpaste Red
Only natural ingredients:
Peppermint – refreshes, protects against a different kind of fungus,
oil of carnation – protects enamel, prevents painful sensations,
Ginger – eliminates bacteria, prevents inflammation,
Sutha root – anti-inflammatory,
pippa – provides fresh breath,
Tomar is a natural antiseptic,
pippa – provides fresh breath,
laurel camphor – removes unpleasant odors,
pepper is long – analgesic,
powder of red clay – removes enamel from the stone,
lavanga – strengthens the structure of the teeth.


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