Trichup Hair oil

Vasu (India)
100 ml
Brief information:
Specially designed to restore strength and density of hair. Eliminates the itching of the scalp, dandruff, fragility and brittle hair.


Hair oil Trichup is universal and will suit absolutely everything. It will help solve many problems.

The composition includes many natural components:
Sesame and coconut give a moisturizing and nourishing effect, actively protecting curls from damage;
Bringaraj has a soothing and antiseptic effect, and also prevents hair loss by activating their growth, and increases in them the amount of pigment melanin, which is responsible for gray hair;
Extract of licorice perfectly cleans and softens, absorbing all the dirt and fat;
Jasmine is an antiseptic, killing harmful bacteria;
Amla or Indian gooseberries restores color, raising the level of melanin, lost with age, strengthens and gives a natural sheen to strands;
Varuna has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect;
Indigofera dye removes dandruff and imparts volume;
Extracts of Nima and Karanji are powerful antiseptics, the combination of which removes itching, cures dryness, dandruff and irritations;
Vrihati relieves inflammation and soothes;
Brahmi regenerates cells, has wound healing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties;
Pumpkin bitter carries an anti-inflammatory effect;
Abrus prayer helps with loss, as well as it is used in the treatment of skin diseases;
The round feed removes itching, heals irritations and heals wounds.

A carefully selected complex of herbal extracts and oils is specially created to restore strength and density, promoting the growth of new healthy hair. Trichup effectively treats overdried curls, which resulted in permanent staining, drying with a hair dryer and styling with forceps.

Method of application of oil Trichup:
Sufficient oil is carefully rubbed into the skin, while doing a light massage.
Wrap the head with a film and wrap it with a towel.
For greater impact – leave for the whole night. And, if time does not allow, then not less than 1 hour.
Rinse off in warm water using shampoo.


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